You have their back
We have your backend

AutismCare is a pioneering operational solution that retools your entire behavioral health practice.

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Dear Autism,
You’ve got a problem

Running an autism-focused practice is
one of those great business challenges:

  • Practitioner burnout from cumbersome,
    inefficient documentation systems
  • Compromised care
    due to clinically incompetent tools
  • Poor communication between Behavior Technicians, Behavior Analysts, office admins and patient family
  • Fragmented systems for data collection, patient management, and RCM, leading to redundant, inconsistent data
  • Compliance remains the Great Threat
  • Audits are numerous
    and labor intensive
  • Endless volume of denials
    without reimbursement

Dear Problem,
We’ve got a solution

AustimCare from Chorus changes how
you practice in every way—for the better:

  1. Intuitive UX
    and seamless navigation enable
    practitioners to do it all with ease
  2. Guided clinical workflows
    and clear summaries help them make informed
    treatment decisions and provide quality care
  3. Unify all users
    Family app, practitioner app, and practice
    management solution unify all users around the
    same data in real time
  4. All-in-one integrated cloud platform
    for everything ‘from intake through income’
  5. Proactive, customizable validation
    processes across regulatory, payer, and operational
  6. Generate accurate, customizable
    for your audits and gain full visibility
    into all your datasets

Work on, not around

A true next-gen practice management platform, fully customizable, queryable and extensible

Configurable to how you practice, for new levels of efficiency, accuracy and collaboration

Seamless SSoT for instant sharing and collaboration across office operations and field teams

core features

For a deeper view into underlying technologies
request demo or visit our Documentation page.

Patient Management

Create patient profiles to manage demographic info, coverage details, diagnosis history and episodes of care. Share with other users to coordinate care and service the patient according to their needs. Input notes and visualize all patient related activity across a timeline.

Authorization Management

Track each patient’s current
insurance coverage. Manage
authorized hours, duration and
services as approved by the payor.

Care Team Assignments

Easily manage the entire lifecycle of your care teams and their assignments, in line with authorizations as well as clinical and operational protocols and validations. All leading to maximum reimbursement.

Practitioner Coordination

Create practitioner profiles to manage demographic and preference details, capturing all information needed to assemble teams and rack certifications and credentialing to ensure practitioners are up to date and compliant.

Document Management

Upload documents to organized storage structure for intuitive indexing, searching, sharing and collaborating. Control permissions on need-to-know basis. Export or print in bulk for audits and as needed.

Care Plan

Fully integrated with Note™ ABA app. Track patient progress toward goals through robust, flexible observation reporting and clear data collection summaries.

Customizable Reports & Dashboards

Create dashboards and reports to
analyze data. Navigate naturally to
dive deeper into displayed data,
export, email and share.

Granular Permission Controls

Manage user roles and privileges. Organize company structure and office branches ensuring users see only relevant data. Define privileges per user or per team to limit fraud and ensure data integrity.

Intrinsic characteristics

HIPAA compliant
by default

Instant data retrieval = whole
office productivity

FHIR-aligned to promote
system interoperability

Secure data

Fully integrated
with Microsoft Power
Platform & Office 365

Plug-and-play API
integration with
access to all day.

Native to all
devices (PC,
tablet, phone)

Interoperability features
for meaningful collaboration

Power-user ready


workflows according to
organization’s growing needs


custom validations to ensure data meets
organization regulations


with our Eligibility, Claims and
Remits modules for a
single-platform solution; eliminate
all other 3rd-party software


predictions and implement automation
thanks to native AI capabilities

Integrates with all Modules

AutismCare and our Note™ companion app work together with our unique, self-sufficient Modules, feeding the overarching Chorus promise of delivering:

Better patient experience through better provider experience.