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  1. Easy compliance with clinical
    and payer requirements
  2. BCBA training and oversight abilities
    to ensure data validity
  3. Joyful UX so users keep data in
    house and HIPAA-compliant
  4. Powerful automation, sparing
    high-level manual labor
  5. Perfect record-keeping for audits
    and record requests
  6. Delightful experiences to avoid
    burnout and increase retention
  7. Reporting and claims processes
    that maximize reimbursement

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How do I progress contextually?


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What should I be doing here?
What else can I accomplish here?
How do I execute what I want?

Note™ app
core features

For a deeper view into underlying technologies
visit our Documentation page.

Flexible Scheduling

Practitioners can manage their scheduling with clients with a guided scheduling experience that ensures all hours worked will be reimbursable. Highlights include flexibility to edit schedules within payor and practice guidelines, individual session validation against all sessions across client’s care team, day/week/month view options with filtering capabilities, color-coded session statuses for easy scanning, and Behavior Technician session review for informed supervision scheduling.

On-the-Go Care Planning

Structured domain/subdomain/goal/target hierarchy ensures consistency across clients for easier care plan management, while predefined domains/subdomains ensure care plan alignment with core deficits of autism. Future view: Enables forward planning, adding and reviewing to create long-term care plans across all areas of treatment. In-progress view: Offers organized view of all open targets and behaviors by domain. Past view: Clarifies progress across domains over time.

Curriculum Quick-Create

Put together a care plan from predefined, ready-to-use goals and targets, configured and preloaded with instructions for Behavior Technicians, based on highest clinical standards under the auspices of Sam Blanco, PhD, BCBA-D and Chorus' research team, all customizable for your client and care team’s needs.

Target/Behavior Assignment

BCBAs can assign targets and problem behaviors to Behavior Technicians. Compliance-focused features ensure each target/behavior intervention plan is only assigned to a specific team member, while the intelligent, contextual UX only displays relevant targets and behaviors in session.

Smart Data Collection

Collect data in app directly from within scheduled session. Collect simultaneously on multiple targets. Targets auto-complete based on BCBA settings. Indicators encourage Behavior Technician to meet minimum trials. Easy features include accessible target instructions, undo, and problem behavior recording. Differential reinforcement-replacement behaviors appear on instance of problem behavior, with scores calculated in real time to provide instant feedback, and instantly shared with care team.

Data Analytics

Make your data useful with graphs, history, raw data, and editing capabilities. All session data is conveniently displayed below graphs for easy deep-dive. View graph with target configurations for insightful and actionable analysis to easily tweak interventions based on findings.

Phase Changes

Create and edit automatic phase changes between baseline and intervention.

Granular Permission Controls

Differential reinforcement strategies are linked to replacement behaviors, and users can compare problem/replacement behavior data side by side. Incremental per-behavior reduction levels show a tangible sense of progress.

Practitioner time management

Collect signatures for sessions at point of contact. Hours are automatically submitted for payroll when sessions are submitted. All billing requirements are prevalidated, including signatures, clinical session data and scheduling details.

Clinical documentation

Session documentation is automatically created with scores calculated based on data collection. Compliant documentation can be auto-generated in AutismCare for insurance and audit purposes.

EVV Compliance

Designed to comply with federal EVV requirements (in required states). Extensible to meet state-specific requirements and practice-specific specific guidelines, all configurable per payor and pre service.

Intrinsic characteristics

Native mobile app for
speed and

HIPAA compliant
by default

Offline capabilities
with full

End-to-end solution for
practitioners; no need to
leave app

Intuitive, delightful user

Maximum functionality
achieved with astonishingly
low amount of input

Continuous data sync with
practice management,
client, and entire care team

Built-in compliance with
clinical, payor, and
practice requirements

Experience built to
promote data accuracy of
and clinical best practices

Flexibility for users to acclimate
gradually offers exceptional
functionality without hinderance