Give your remittance its due resources

Plug & Play

Eliminates 99% of data entry by automatically building and maintaining your entire database: creating patient records, payer contracts, coverage information, and even bank accounts.

Underlying Processing

Compiles all kinds of fragmented data, then runs sophisticated calculations and behind-the-scenes processing to produce orderly, actionable summarized data.

End-to-End Automation

Automates entire post-billing workflow based on remit data. Routes incident-based tasks and resolutions; also enables user-created rules and workflow automation.

Gamification Appeal

Elevates user experience to relative joy with attractive visualization and clear navigation, including dynamic visual reports and business intelligence.

Reports Your Way

In addition to a rich archive of prebuilt templates, Remits Module offers a world of flexibility to design your own custom reports. Including data from other sources.

Flexibility & Extensibility

Beyond PDFs or open-format files, all data is structured, organized and indexed, so you can easily access, search, summarize, automate, and integrate with other systems.

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